Kingdom of Aragen

A Kingdom of knights and nobles; Aragen prefer a more direct combat method, charge or die. Their army is composed of divisions of knights backed up by a weak peasant core. This is due to the belief that their priviledge and birthright equals power. Some of the more veteran nobles have chosen to enlist the aid of the Kiratai, a nomad group from the east who have been displaced. Aragen, with their knights and tribal mercenaries make a formidable force.

Khadian Empire

The Khadian Empire is Aragen's main rival. Highly contrasting to the armies of Aragen, they consist of a discliplined core of infantry, backed by specialised units of cavalry and archers when needed. The Khadian leadership structure is based on not only ones ability to lead but their combat prowess. Officers ascend by defeating their superior in a duel. This ensures that only the strongest and smartest command the Imperial Guard. Being a solely professional occupation, Khadian armies tend to be more expensive and as a result smaller. What they lack in number they make up for in quality.

Odorla Thegndom

From what began as a small smattering of woodland tribes, became a province of Cheifs during the Old Kingdom Era. Once it had collapsed, the province declared its sovereignty under the rule of the Thegns. They worship the woodland goddess, headed by a high druid. Whilst their domain covers all of the Great Forest, they have relatively few settlements compared to their neighbors. Odorlan armies rely mainly of hit-and-run guerilla tactics and as such are highly mobile. Some have said that the Woodland Goddess possesses the warriors as the spirit of the Dryad.

Altan Imperial Khanate

Riverfell Republic

Ead'zeal Eternal Sultanate

Deep in the south, lies the Eternal Sultantate of Ead'zeal and its legions. The people of the sand worship their sun god, Kaesqureth.